In order to provide the best for their child, many parents consider what educational toys are most beneficial. It is not surprising that there are a variety of educational wooden toys available on the market. The tactile qualities of wood, its lack of harmful effects, and its long-lasting service make it one of the most popular materials for children’s toys. Take a look at the toys that you can buy for your child’s development.

Wooden Educational Toys: Types

Wooden toys are also divided into age groups, just like other toys.

  • Sets of wooden educational toys for toddlers are usually made up of several simple shapes in different colors. These toys help develop the child’s fine-motor skills, teach him to recognize shapes and colors and start to form a logical mind.
  • To make wooden toys more challenging for older children, tasks are added that encourage problem-solving, hand-eye co-ordination, cognitive learning and alphabet or numbers recognition.
  • Toys for preschoolers that encourage imaginative play, emotion awareness, and creativity through open-ended play with sensory activities and toys.

The educational wooden toys that are selected for children will also depend on the needs of teachers and parents.

  1. Simple games can be used to teach a child STEM concepts (science, technology and engineering). For example, you could study concepts such as force, gravity and velocity.
  2. Toys made of wood for cognitive learning that develop sensory skills, storytelling skills and helps to learn ABCs and numbers.
  3. Games that train spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities include stacking and balancing.
  4. Toys that encourage role-play, imagination and creativity. Allowing the child to pretend without any predetermined outcome.

Don’t think wooden toys are outdated and that your child won’t want to play with it. Bimiboo and other leading manufacturers of educational toys create unique shapes from sketches to help children learn faster and have fun.


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