Home care is no exception. It changes with every generation, just as music and fashion trends do.

Statistics show that many seniors are planning to stay at home despite any changes in cognition, mobility or health. Capital City Nurses can help by providing care and assistance to seniors at home.

Home care services offer many benefits. These benefits include but are not limited:

1. Comfort, safety, and convenience

According to research, seniors are more likely to recover at home than in hospitals and with fewer complications. You can get some help managing your medication with home care. This helps to prevent dangerous drug interaction that could prevent you from having to go to the hospital.

Home care services NW Washington DC are offered by occupational therapists who can help create a safe environment and reduce the risk of falling. You can also maintain your normal routine at home and keep your sense of normality.

2. Support ADLs

The elderly always require help at home. The tasks can be difficult, from meal preparation and cleaning to dressing and bathing.

A home care service will usually cover ADLs, such as continence, toileting and eating, bathing, and continence. This service may also cover IADLs, such as shopping, transportation, medication management and financial management. It can also include companionship, household management and companionship.

3. Keep your lifestyle and independence

Home care services can be tailored to your lifestyle and schedule. Many home care providers are focused on helping you maintain your independence, particularly for mental health.

You can choose when to leave your home, maintain your hobbies and interests, such as gardening, and still have home care services. You can also maintain your daily routine and remain a part of the local community.

4. Tailored Care

It can be hard to keep track of what you need when, whether you are living alone or not. If you don’t get the proper care, it will not be ideal.

Every individual has their own requirements. This is why reliable caregivers at home always strive to provide personalized care. This is because they are more aware of the needs, what to do, and when to do it.

5. Companionship

Living alone can lead to isolation and a decline in your health as well as in the quality of your life. You can get companionship and assistance from professional caregivers, even if you do not have family near you.

Home care providers understand how important it is to spend time with friends, whether that’s over a cappuccino at the local coffee shop or a women’s or men’s group. They can also help you set up social media sites like Skype and Facebook and get together with friends.


Recent years, home care providers have been successful in the areas of prescription management, behavior education, disease management and care coordination. Home care providers have pioneered the use of technology and therapeutics to provide quality care at a cost-effective price.

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